Plug into Lush and Alive Sound

Close your eyes.  Imagine your last live venue experience—the club, the theater, the concert. Remember how the sound enveloped you... moved through you... felt pure and alive? There's just absolutely nothing like being in the thick of that all-encompassing, bone-resonating, living sound. What if you could bottle it and take with you anywhere you went? Well, we’ve actually figured out how to do just that.

ViviTouch 4D Sound brings sound alive with haptics sound solutions

ViviTouch 4D Sound transforms your headphone listening experience into a whole new sensory dimension of alive sound. It changes how you hear, not what you hear, producing rich, full-bodied sound that you can actually feel—just like you were experiencing it live. Listening to recorded music catapults you straight to the first row, movies become full-on cinematic events and gameplay engulfs you in an utterly life-like world. So now whenever you want to be there live, all you have to do is plug in.


HD Feel 4D Sound Company