Pure, Unadulterated Feel-tainment

Exhilarating, engrossing, interactive, energetic, stimulating. All exceptionally descriptive words but none on its own can describe it. It needed its own word, something more vivid and expressive with a hint of outrageousness that made you understand what high-definition feel does for mobile gaming the second it was uttered... feel-tainment. It's all perfectly clear now, isn't it?

High definition feel translates tactile feedback

ViviTouch HD Feel brings a new sensory dimension to gaming that lets you actually feel what you see and hear—explosions, crashes, aerial battles, the stretch of a slingshot or the smooth roll of a pinball. Simulating the subwoofer effects in a big movie experience, HD Feel translates thousands of sensations into a versatile language of tactile feedback in the palm of your hand. Think of it as your own, personal palmwoofer.

A revolutionary new technology, HD Feel intensifies gameplay and lets you experience the action in a whole new way—not only with high-definition video and sound, but now with high-definition feel.

Best of E3 Winner 2012 Kotaku 2012 Best of E3 Winner 2013

Digital Trends Finalist CES 2014 Wearable Technologies Winner IWC 2013/14


HD Feel 4D Sound Company