Haptics is Our Game

High-definition feel gives developers a completely new way to invent unique gameplay experiences and bring players closer than ever to the gaming action. ViviTouch HD Feel by AMI isn't just a new tool, it's a whole new toolbox. Instead of the usual shake, buzz, or rumble options, you can now immerse players in real feel. Generating thousands of unique, customized sensations that simulate live action—the rev of a race car, the whomp of a helicopter or the full-on jolt of an explosion—HD Feel is a new dimension in tactile feedback for gaming entertainment.

We don't develop the games—that's where you shine. What we do is give you the software tools that enable you to develop games optimized for haptics-enabled devices.

Feel the difference in HD feel with haptic enabled devices

What's Behind the Feel

We print electrodes on an extremely thin piece of film and then integrate it into mobile and gaming devices. When current is applied to the film, it contracts with the dexterity of a human muscle and responds to games in real time. Translation? You can now develop games capable of outputting virtually any sensation imaginable, felt immediately through the touchscreen or the back of the device.

Why Develop Games with HD Feel?

Games with ViviTouch HD Feel boast unique, customized feedback elements that exponentially enhance gameplay, letting users experience a whole new dimension in mobile sensory gaming. We'll give you all the software tools you need to create a completely new gaming experience with real feel.

  • Invent unconfined.  An imagination set free of one-buzz-fits-all opens up a world of possibilities. Create captivating new gameplay experiences and make every event feel just the way you want it to.
  • Instant differentiation.  Tap into a new fan base and give the loyal diehards something new. Your games can now combine sound and video with game-changing tactile feedback, so they truly stand out in the game crowd.
  • Minimal effort.  Turns out really good things can actually be pretty simple. Existing game audio can easily be modified to improve feel significantly, and new games gain limitless customizability to output virtually any sensation.
  • Integrate your way.  Where it feels real can make a great game even better. Develop real-feel tactile feedback and vividly unique feel effects that can either be felt through the back of a device or through the touch screen.
  • Choice of mode.  Doubling your gaming options is always a bonus. Use Subwoofer Mode to maximize tactile feedback (50-200 Hz) and Pulse Mode for discreet feedback with vividly unique feel effects (two 75 Hz pulses).
  • Feel Authentic.  Sound effects don’t sound the same, feel effects shouldn’t feel the same. Design completely realistic sensations for your game, choose exactly when players feel in-game reactions and to what degree.

Get Your Game On

Game developers already recognize ViviTouch HD Feel as the most nimble package for delivering virtually any tactile sensation imaginable. Just download the official design guide to find out how easy it is to arm your development team with all the kick-bass production techniques needed to catapult your games into the new world of high-definition feel.

Then when you’re ready, get your game officially "Great with ViviTouch™" certified. Not only are these titles optimized for use with ViviTouch HD Feel, it lets consumers know your game is one of the most immersive experiences available.

Gaming Kudos

Best of E3 Winner 2012 Kotaku 2012 Best of E3 Winner 2013

Digital Trends Finalist CES 2014 Wearable Technologies Winner IWC 2013/14

Great with ViviTouch Certified Games


Tetris by EA

Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump by Lima Sky


Labyrinth by Illusion Labs

Monster Pinball

Monster Pinball by Matmi


Orbital by Bitforge

Software Development Kit

Immersion Motiv SDK


HD Feel 4D Sound Company